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Animation Engineering

FX Multimedia Institute is one of the best 3d animation institutes in Coimbatore provides the 12 months advanced animation course i.e. Animation Master Course. Animation Master course has been designed especially for undergraduates and graduates or those who have a passion to become a successful animation professional in the animation industry. Animation Master Course comprises highly specialized technical and artistic training in 3D Animaiton in our institute at Rohini in Delhi. You will get trained in various aspects of advanced 3D animation skills and explore the world of creativity with the exotic animation software like  3Ds MaxAftereffect etc. Additionally students will be given intensified training in digital photography too at our animation center.

Prerequisites to Join our Advanced Animation Master Course

The Animation Master Training Course is specially designed for undergraduates or graduates. Those who have Designing/ Art background or having good drawing or sketching skills also can join this course.

Eligibility:  B.E., B.Sc.,BCA.,B.COM,M,COM M.Sc., MBA , should have laptop with net connection.
Course Duration: 12 months Full time 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday Weekend:sunday-10-1pm
Timing: Batch 1: 9am to 11 pm; Batch 2: 2pm to 4pm Batch 3: 7pm to 9pm

For the ease of students the Animation Master course has been divided into 4 Modules:

Semesters and Modules: 

Module I: Introduction to Animation & its Basics

In the first module of Animation Master Course, you will get training & knowledge of all the secrets of digital media, design study, conceptual thinking, and concept designing.

Digital Media

  • Introduction of Digital Media
  • Basics and Principles of Digital Media
  • Digital and Analogue
  • Conversion of Analogue to Digital
  • Working with Digital Data and Applications Overview

Design Study

  • Rules of Design
  • Colour theory and colour systems
  • Creating backgrounds, logos and identities
  • Creating and Manipulating Bitmap and Vector Images.
  • Enlargement and Reduction, Resolution
  • Image Size and File Size
  • Reshaping and Applying Effects and Filters
  • Filters & Texture
  • Paths & Type, Masking, Layer Concept,
  • Project planning and its implementation.

Module II: Pre-Production

This module of Animation Master course develops all required drawing and painting skills with complete knowledge about film making. Drawing and painting skills provide ground to create block buster visual effects or any kinds of editing task.

Drawing & Painting

  • Lines, Shapes, Colour, Value, Texture, Scale, and Composition
  • Introduction & Uses of Drawing in Painting
  • Colour Mixing, Matte Painting, Gesture Drawing
  • Drawing with mass
  • Fundamentals of Perspective
  • Story Concepts
  • Special Vanishing Points
  • Converting Drawings into a Physical Model,
  • Techniques of Claymation.

Film Making

  • Shot, Sequence, Scene, and basic Composition
  • Camera Movement, Films, Various Stocks
  • Lab Standard and Lighting Techniques
  • Use of Shadows
  • Architectural Lighting & Set Lighting
  • Analogue Vs Digital Image
  • Documentary Film, Narrative Film, Closed Form Vs Open Form
  • Principles of Still Camera, Camera Composition
  • Staging & Blocking, Rigging and Pre-lighting.

Module III: Training in Animation & Visual Effects

  • 3D Modeling Basics & Work flows
  • Textures and Mapping, Lighting and Character Design
  • Principles of Animation and Types of Animation,
  • Animation Techniques and Development
  • Types of Visual Effects
  • Visual Effects Production Pipeline
  • Concepts and Methods of 3D Modeling for VFX
  • Set Modeling, Creating Texture Maps
  • Lighting Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Hair, Fur, Cloth and Fluid
  • Rendering Types and their attributes
  • Render Management, Multi pass Rendering.

Module IV: Introduction to Animation & its Basics


Digital Video

  • Video and Audio Compression
  • Compatibility of Video Formats with different Computing Platforms
  • Standard Editorial Procedures including Logging
  • Syncing and Storage of Materials
  • Grading Process


  • Picture Edit & Continuity
  • Sound Edit & Clarity
  • Sound Edit & Creative Sound Comedy,
  • Documentary
  • Ideas & Sound, Matching Action, Cutting on Movement,
  • Non Linear Editing Tool
  • Importing Assembling and Previewing Footage
  • Basic Editing

Training in Compositing

  • Principles of Compositing
  • Interface of the Compositing Software
  • Applying Operators
  • Creating Matte for Masking
  • Paint & Edit, Adding Text
  • Keying
  • Time Remapping and Time Stretching, and Tracking.

Training in Digital Compositing

  • Introduction to Advanced Compositing Tools
  • Principles of Compositing and Assembling
  • Visual Effects for Film
  • Understanding Optical Phenomena
  • Understanding Lighting
  • Color Correction and Color Matching
  • Wire and Rig Removal
  • Rotoscoping, Masking and Chroma-Keying
  • RotoSplines and Digital Compositing
  • Using Radioscopy
  • Matte Adjustment and Manipulation
  • CG Compositing, Particles & Filters
  • 3D Camera & Lights
  • Compositing Multi pass Rendering

Training Mode: 

  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays

What You Study: 

Through this Animation Master Course students will get training in following software related to animation: 

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max
  • V-Ray
  • Test & Projects
  • Portfolio Development

Why Join Us?: 

This advanced 3D Animation Master Program assures 101% Job Placement for any one who is ready to work under our prescribed guidelines in our institute.

Learning Methodology: 

  • Implementation would be based on instructional design principles
  • Classroom training, quizzes, and home assignments
  • Continuous assessment and feedback during the training
  • Student has to pass through a very strong assessment system: Project Training, Practical Test, Theoretical Test, and a discussion (Viva)

Career Options: 

Layout Artist, Story Board Artist, Clean-up Artist, Scanner Operator, Digital Ink and Paint Artist, compositor, Key Frame Artist, in Between Artist, Digital Artist, Animator- Rigging Artist, Lightening Artist, Digital Effects Animator, Digital Effects Painter, Modeler, Pre-Visualization Artist, Video Editor, and Audio Editor etc.