Autodesk Maya Training

Autodesk Maya Training

Learn 3D Animation from the Industry Experts.





Upon the Completion of the course, the students will be able to create hi-end 3D models, Animation, Lighting, Texturing and Landscape using the features of Maya.

Who can learn

Any person who has the thirst to learn hi-end Graphics and Animation, who has visual and creative skills and abilities, who has unlimited skill of 3 Dimensional art can learn this hi-end 3D Software MAYA with ease

Course Duration

The total duration for the course is 12months (5 days a week x 2 hours daily)

Training Modes :

  • 1 to 1 Practical
  • Classroom Lectures with Practical Lab for Groups/Corporate Training
  • Online Training


The Maya Jumpstart ‘zero to HERO’:

Academy Class focuses on the basics of 3D computer graphics with Autodesk Maya. Students are introduced to the Maya interface, the Maya philosophy, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. over the five days we will show you how to use the tools within Maya and how they are put to use in the film, television and game industries.

Who is this course for?

Anyone interested in using maya

Assumed Knowledge

Attendees require only a very general knowledge of 3D and its concepts although a basic understanding of computer hardware and software is essential. Knowledge of other digital media packages is an advantage but not a necessity.

What you will learn

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to: work in a production environment, understand the mechanics of Maya, be able to create 3d models using a variety of techniques, work with materials to texture you models, understand how to light a scene, be able to create animations, stage a scene and understand cinematography and know how to create output for use in post production.

  • Course Outline :

    • Essentials

    • Setting Your Project
    • Views / Panels
    • Hotbox
    • Viewing Geometry
    • Channel Box
    • Layer Box
    • Attributes Editor
    • QWERTY Navigation
    • Working with the Camera
    • MEL
    • User Interface
    • Outliner / Hypergraph
    • Grouping / Parenting
    • Shelf
    • Marking Menus

    • Modeling
    • Curve Tools / Snapping
    • Revolving
    • History
    • Duplicating
    • Working with NURBS
    • Detaching Surfaces
    • Grouping / Duplicating
    • Working with Polygons
    • Combining Polygons
    • Subdivisional surfaces
    • Split Polygon Tool
    • Lofting
    • Extruding

    • Animation
    • Lattices
    • Clusters
    • Set Driven Keys
    • Set Driven Key advanced
    • Joints / IK Handles
    • Lightning Dynamics
    • Keyframing / Time slider
    • Attach to Path
    • Secondary Animation
    • Cycle Curves
    • Playblasting


    • Hypershade
    • Materials, Apply Materials
    • Making Shader Networks
    • Combining Ramps
    • Layered Textures
    • Intro to lights
    • Making Bump Maps
    • Working with Shadows
    • UV Mapping
    • Moving UV’s
    • Specular Maps
    • Paint FX
    • Render View
    • Camera Settings
    • Render Globals