Photography training

Photography training



Professional Photography Course Overview

Our most popular and comprehensive course — the gold standard of photo education.

  • Creatively control your camera - How to break free from auto mode and thrive in manual
  • Know the business - Learn the tools that you need to succeed in photography
  • Develop your eye - How to nail that quintessential picture in any situation
  • Handle yourself like a pro - Learn the secrets of exposure, lighting & lenses
  • Specialty areas of focus - Travel, landscape, nature, weddings, portraits, studio, photojournalism, still life, and others
  • Get instant feedback - Upload projects to your mentor and receive personalized commentary that helps you improve

Eligibility & Course Duration

You can take this course only with having basic programming knowledge or we can clear that up for you. The total duration for the course is weeks end  ( 3 hours )

Course Duration: 30 hours

Training Modes :

  • 1 to 1 Practical
  • Classroom Lectures with Practical Lab for Groups

Course Curriculum:

  • Syllabus

    • Introduction & Value of Education
    • Basics of SLR Camera
    • Common Problems and Trouble Shooting
    • Rules of Composition
    • Lightings & Backgrounds
    • Portrait & Functional Photography
    • Landscape & Architectural Photography
    • Fish Eye View Photography
    • Flash Photography
    • Digital Camera
    • Fashion & Modeling Photographs
    • Photograph Scanning & Operations
    • Colour Correction & Separation
    • Photo & Text Special Effects
    • Computer Practical
    • Local Visits & Practical
    • course outline:
    • 1) the exposure synergy
      how each element affect exposure
      exposure compensation
      adjusting white balance
      setting iso speed
      2)creative zone modes:manual,aperture priority,shutter priority
      3)control depth of field with aperture-priority mode
      4)expressing motion with shutter-priority mode
      5)controlling both aperture and shutter speed in manual mode
      6)fully utilizing the auto focus function
      7)exploting different metering modes and using histograms
      8)choosing the right lens for the subject
      tips on perfect interchangeable lenses
      9) brief introduction of digital photo professional(dpp)& eos movie
    • 10)understanding of lighting & raw processing
      11)menu setting
  • photoshop lightroom